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Dr.Shripati Shastri Research Institute of Social Science

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The Institute aims at identifying inherent positive aspects in the social process of the society while marching towards global supremacy. Bettering the best is the vision. The aim is to bring about a qualitative improvement in every dimension of the structure of the Society. Nation First is the Vision.

The Mission

The Institute has a mission--a mission to correct the discrepancies which arrested the growth of the Indian diaspora. Workshops, documentation, training programmes and courses on research methodology, besides publication of journals and periodicals in political science and related areas, is the mission.

Since the foundation of the Research Institute in 2007, it is engaged in academics as well as in socio-cultural activities and programmes.

A. Students who have earned their doctorates from Savitribai Phule Pune University whose research center was this Institute.

1 Ranadive Ramesh Zendu
The student was a UGC Senior Research Fellow for two years.
Politics कर्मवीर दादासाहेब गायकवाड: राजकीय अभ्यास इ.स.१९२६ ते १९७१ 01-10-2007 27-10-2012 Dr. S. V. Khare
2 Mashal Mohammed Ali Al-Hanani Politics Role of the United Nations 17-12-2008 29-04-2014 Dr. S. V. Khare
3 VanisreeTrippayyaRamanathan Politics Impact of Public Policy on Women in India 22-10-2008 22-10-2013 Dr. S. V. Khare
4 IssarapuPratapkumarPrasadrao Politics A Comparative Study of Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra Date of Registration 26-12-2008 Date of Re-Registration 26-12-2013 22-11-2016 Dr. S. V. Khare

B. The list of publications by the S D V P

  • परिवर्तनाचे शिल्पकार – लेखक: प्रा. अ.द. पुराणिक, प्रकाशक: सं.ज्ञा.वि.प्र.,पुणे (१९७६)
  • मध्यम वर्गाचे औदासिन्य –एक समस्या - लेखक: श.वा.खरे, प्रकाशक: सं.ज्ञा.वि.प्र.,पुणे (१९७६)
  • पू. ठक्करबाप्पा – लेखक: गोविंद गारे, प्रकाशक: सं.ज्ञा.वि.प्र.,पुणे ()
  • भूकंप कन्या त्सुनामी – लेखक: डॉ.सी.वा. उमर्जीकर, प्रकाशक: सं.ज्ञा.वि.प्र., पुणे ()
  • पालकत्त्व–एक आव्हान –लेखक: डॉ.सी.वा. उमर्जीकर, प्रकाशक: सं.ज्ञा.वि.प्र., पुणे ()
  • १८५७ – लेखक: अरुण फिरोदिया, प्रकाशक: सं.ज्ञा.वि.प्र., पुणे ()
  • Green Revolution – A Policy Study – By M. V. Namjoshi, Dr. S. V. Khare, Published by: S.D.V.P., Pune ()
  • Women In the process of social transformation – by Dr. (Smt.) Hira Adyanthaya, Published by: S.D.V.P., Pune ()
  • Maharashtra Eradication of Black Magic, Evil and Aghori Practices Act, 2005. Editor: Dr. S. V. Khare, Published by: S.D.V.P., Pune ()
  • From Sanitation to Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Village Mhalunge, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra – by: Dr. Mrs. Megha Phansalkar, Published by: S.D.V.P., Pune ()
  • Will Gujarat Oblige? A Study in Political Leadership – by: Dr. S. V. Khare, Published by: S.D.V.P., Pune
  • About Jains – forward by: Dr. B. D. Khare, Published by: S.D.V.P., Pune
  • A Report on Socio-cultural Survey of the Staff at Khadak Police Station in Pune City: 2008-2009 – by: Dr. S. V. Khare, Published by: S.D.V.P., Pune
  • मातंग विकास: एक विधायक भूमिका –Reservation Policy and The Plight of Matangs in Maharashtra – by: Dr. B. S. Waghmare, A Glance forward by: Dr. Ambadas Sagat, Publisher: S.D.V.P., Pune
  • The Russian Reception of Swami Vivekananda – by: Dr. Ashok Modak, Published by: S.S.R.I.S.S., Pune
  • Biopic research “SanghYatri – Dr. Shripati Shastri” – Editor: Dr. S. V. Khare, Publisher: S.D.V.P., Pune (2021)
  • Studies in History, Social Movements and Nation – Editor: Dr. S. V. Khare, Publisher: S.D.V.P., Pune (2021)
  • In the Memory of “SanghYatri – Dr. Shripati Shastri” – Publisher: S.D.V.P., Pune (2021)
  • इस्लाम व ख्रिस्ती समाजाची स्वातंत्र्यपूर्व व स्वातंत्र्योत्तर भूमिका – लेखक: श्री. पराग पाचपोर, प्रकाशक: सं.ज्ञा.वि.प्र.,पुणे

C. Musical CD's

  • हिंदू सारा एक: १०५ मराठी गीते. Patriotic songs
  • हिंदू हिंदू एक रहे :१०५ हिंदी गीते. Patriotic songs
  • संघ गीत भारती : १०६ गीते ; भारतातील १९ भाषातील Patriotic songs
  • Ishany Symphony: 106 Patriotic songs24 Tribal Languages, N.E.India
  • शक्ती घोष : ३५ शास्त्रीय रागांवर आधारित ९० संचलन रचना

D. Seminars :

  • Workshop Papers were published by the Institute in collaboration with the Pune Local Branch of the Indian Institute of Public Administration, (New Delhi). The workshop was held on 20th Jan.2012. It was inaugurated by Dattatraya Shekatkar Lt.Gen (Retd). The subject of discussion of the workshop was the proposed bill on “Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill 2011”. Distinguished speakers included IIPA members, former D.G.P.s, senior police personnel (IPS), retired judges, District Government Pleader, senior lawyers, representatives of Muslim and Christian clergymen and prominent citizens participated in the deliberations. The venue was ‘Center for Police Research’ Pune. The editor was Dr. Latif Magdum. Chairman of the Pune Local Branch of the IIPA Adv. B. P. Shaligram presided.

E. Research potential in the changing Indian society:

Mid-twentieth century has heralded socio-eco-political changes in Indian society. The gradual industrial growth has brought about changes in the society. The family, the women, gender awareness, marriage, hierarchy, work culture, small-medium and large scale industrial growth, export-import policy, liberalization, public finance, agricultural development programmes, cropping pattern, agricultural finance, co-operative credit structure co-operative development, rural development, cottage industry, public sector, private sector, voting behavior, political parties, presidential and parliamentary democracies, parliamentary debates, process of legislation, constitutional supremacy, judicial system, reforms in judicial organization, regional development regional imbalance, citizenship, state supremacy, administrative reforms, welfare politics and government, district administration and planning, regional planning, taluka planning, village planning, administration during Maratha and Peshava period, Indian ancient cultural history, social and political life during ancient period, Indian nationhood etc. are some of the areas proposed for the research projects.

The areas for further research could also be identified as follows

  • Comparative studies of political processes in various states in India.
  • Contribution of Indian thinker to political theory.
  • Concept of ‘nation building’ in India-origin and growth.
  • Political studies of communities such as caste, minorities-both linguistics as well as religious, political outfits of social organizations etc.
  • Urban outfits and affairs.
  • Study of non-party formations and social movements and the role of NGO’s
  • Study of political processes in smaller states and North Eastern region.
  • Study of Indian democratic institution with new democracies (newly liberated East Europeans states, Central American states etc.)
  • Study of comparative coalitional politics.
  • Smaller and localized political parties.
  • Public policy studies.
  • Impact of globalization on Indian state.
  • Role of India in East Asia, West Asia and regional organization in Asia.

  • Policy making study
  • Programmes of its administration

F. Up Coming:

G. The Institute Research Committee:

1 Dr. Sunil Datye, Aurangabad, (Politics & Public Administration) Chairman
2 Dr. Ashok Jain, Thane
(Public Administration)
3 Shri. S. V. Savley, Pune (Philanthropist) Member
4 Dr. Shrikant Paranjape Member
5 Dr. Mrs. Shobha V. Karekar Member
6 Dr. Sharad Khare, Pune Member Secretary

H. The Panel of Ph.D. Guides at the Institute:

  • Dr. D.B. Wable, Shikrapur, Dist.Pune
  • Dr. Mrs. Neeta Bokil, Pune.

The Project on “Gujarat Model” was undertaken and completed. The new University founded by Shri.Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister, titled as ‘Indian Institute of Teacher’s Education” (IITE), Gandhinagar.

I. The S. D. V. P. is also engaged in producing music in the form of patriotic songs. The Total number of songs produced is 550. The CDs have been distributed throughout the Country in several thousands. The work is still underway.

J. The S. D. V. P. has purchased Non-Agricultural land admeasuring 5.22 acres (22250 sq. mtrs.) at Village Arvi, Tal. Haveli, Dist. Pune.

K. Shripati Shastri Institute is not a teaching Institution therefore it does not require lecture halls. The main function of the Institute is to undertake research projects, consulting projects etc.

L. S D V P’s latest publication took place on Monday, 5th July.2021 in Pune at the august hands of the Pro-VC Dr. N. S. Umarani. Publication ceremony was highlighted by messages of The Hon’le Vice President of India, Shri. M. Venkaiya Naidu and the Hon’le Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Bhai Modi. It was an honor to the emergence of Dr. Shripati Shastri Research Institute of Social Sciences. The Management of the Institute is quite confident that the Institute is entering into a better future.